Celine Atallah Attorney Atallah Law Group, LLC

Celine Atallah became involved in her profession because she always had a desire and passion to help people. Growing up, she witnessed injustice which instilled in her the drive to be a voice for others. She realized early on that she could bridge the gap between people and opportunity and play an integral role in their desire to pursue the American dream.

In 2013, Ms. Attalah earned a JD from the Massachusetts School of Law. She later formed the Atallah Law Group, LLC, where she has since provided her skills and services in all matters of immigration law. In this practice, she has received a Lawyers of Distinction Award in 2020 and has been rated among the Top 10 Attorneys in Massachusetts in 2018 and 2019. Ms. Attalah is aided in her professional development by maintaining affiliation with a variety of organizations and institutions. These include the National Immigration Project, the American Immigration Lawyers Association, the American Bar Association, and the Massachusetts Bar Association among others.

To date, Ms. Attalah’s most notable achievement has been the biggest case she had whereby she had to fight for someone’s rights because they could have died even though her life was in danger. Motivated for the work that is to come and how she can play a part in helping people and families, Ms. Attalah endeavors to write a book on her experiences and get into politics.

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